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Latest phishing attempts

November 06, 2015
Phishing Scams

We have come to expect phishing emails that pretend to be your bank or offer you amazing deals with Amazon.
So when a misspelled email asks for your banking password, or a link points you to "", or you get asked to install an attachment to reinstate your account, you know to not do that. You've read about phishing emails, you know better.
But phishing emails aren't just focused on getting your banking details. With many people using the same passwords for multiple sites, getting just one password from one person can unlock dozens of sites. You answer one phishing email, and there goes your bank account, your email, and that one secret account on that site you swear no one else knows about.
Phishers know this, and are trying new tactics, including sending emails about your domain name.

This is an example email sent to one of our customersPhishing Scams

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