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Domain Name Renewal Scam

Surfpoint  has been notified by some clients of an email based domain name renewal scams.

Domain renewal scams

This email notification was received by one of our clients (domain has been changed for their privacy). It claims that their domain is due for renewal listing the domain name of the registrant. Some emails mention that the registration expiry notice is for "Search Engine Submission" services. Obviously the recipients did not subscribe to this service in the first place, which means that the message merely appears as a "Domain Registration Renewal notice". They try to fool the recipient to pay it as a means of extending their domain registration.

We strongly advise customers to ignore these emails. Always check WHOIS to confirm their domain registrar whenever they're unsure of the current domain name status.

If you are concerned about your WHOIS information listing your personal contact details, we recommend that you consider enabling Domain Privacy for your registrations. Contact us for further information.


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