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Choosing web hosting


So you’ve built your website and you’re ready to go live with it on the internet. What now? Well firstly you will need a domain name as your address for people to find you and secondly some space to put your files (web hosting). When choosing a domain name please refer to our post choosing-a-domain-name. The space where you put your files on the server will be where your website will be hosted. Just like the files on your computer which are saved to your hard drive.


What package?


Deciding which web hosting packageWith so many web hosting companies offering different packages these days it can sometimes be a bit confusing as to what you require. If you have built your own website you will know roughly what your requirements will be. You will need to know the size of your site in Megabytes etc and whether it will need a database and roughly how popular it be. If you are a small business, blogger or hobbyist then a shared hosting account should be good enough. Shared hosting is where you share a server with other websites. These websites will all share the resources that the server offers. With Surfpoint you can always upgrade as your business expands. 


Once you have your hosting sorted you can up load your site to your hosting server via your control panel, or by using a file transfer protocol (FTP) like FileZilla which is free to use. Which ever package you choose you will have to remember there is a yearly or monthly charge for this space.


Using a Content Management System (CMS)


Joomla content management systemWordpress hostingIf you build your website with a CMS like WordPress or Joomla  you will have to remember that your hosting package will need to offer a database and PHP scripting language. Choosing Surfpoint to host your CMS website will already have these requirements in place for you. You will also benefit from one-click install for your CMS website. This takes the pain out off trying to set up a database and installing your chosen application, Just one click from your mouse and some information from you on your preferences and its all up and running.  


  • Don’t rush into choosing a domain name without giving it plenty of thought.
  • Make sure your web hosting package fits your website and you are able to upgrade at any time.
  • If your website is built with a CMS like WordPress make sure when choosing web hosting your package has MySQL database and PHP scripting language installed.

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