Building a website on a small budget

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Starting out in business can be very daunting when you’re only on a shoestring budget. Advertising alone can be very costly as well as all the other elements that come with setting up a business. So, when it comes to i building a website what do you do?

  • Do you pay someone to build you a website?
  • Do you build one yourself?
  • Do you go with social media?

Social media to complement your website

Firstly, let’s start with social media like Facebook for your business. We would strongly recommend backing your business up with all forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as they are all free and you can interact with other businesses, but as far as branding for your business is concerned, a website far out shines a Facebook page etc. Of course, you can change your logo and alter some parts of the page, but that’s as far as it goes. So, in our opinion a website is by far the best option for your business.

Now how do you go about creating your own website?

The best way to get recognised on the internet is to get a bespoke website built by professionals. They will be able to build your website to your requirements and it will also be search engine optimised for your target audience, but they come with a big price to your budget. Some design agencies can charge thousands for building a website. At Surfpoint we feel our prices for bespoke design are very competitive so why not check us out if this is your option.

Another option would be to sign up to someone like Wix. You choose a template that suits your business and all you have to do is add your content. The cost can be expensive depending on what you require from them.

Wordpress admin area for building a website

If you are a little bit internet savvy, why not build your own website with an open source program like WordPress or Joomla. All you have to do is to buy a domain name and web hosting. Open up your control panel that comes with your hosting package and in just one click install your chosen program. Once you are in your WordPress admin area add a template which fits with your business and add content. It’s so easy to update with text and images just like Wix or Squarespace website, but without the expense. Also, with WordPress if you make massive errors you can uninstall it and install it again. WordPress powers more than 75 million websites and is used by some giant companies including BBC, Sony and Disney.

Before you decide which way is best for you, why not view some WordPress tutorials on YouTube to decide if this will be your chosen method. It can be easier than you think building a website.

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